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Natural Look - iN - 5 Gallon

Natural Look - iN - 5 Gallon
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Five gallons cover approximately 600 square feet.




TECHNISEAL NATURAL LOOK PAVER PROTECTOR (iN) is a matte-finish penetrating sealant specially designed to protect porous materials. Its distinctive feature is its ability to protect without changing the appearance of the surface. As an oil repellent, it makes cleaning easier by preventing oil, grease (barbecue) and dirt from penetrating the material. As a water-repellent, it helps prevent the appearance of mold and protects against water damage. Easy to apply, it provides maximum effectiveness and durability. It won’t make surfaces more slippery and hence is ideal for protecting pool decks, patios, steps, sidewalks, etc. It resists the elements (freeze-thaw cycles, sun, rain, etc.), as well as salt. Water-based, TECHNISEAL NATURAL LOOK PAVER PROTECTOR does not give off unpleasant fumes and is environmentally friendly.

• Preserves natural color of pavers

• Recommended for pool decks, patios, walkways and retaining walls

• Penetrating. Will not make surfaces more slippery

• Water-based



Wear adequate protective clothing.
To ensure the results will meet your expectations, always test the product on a small hidden area of approximately 4 sq.ft.
Do not thin or dilute.

Apply only to bare material or to material that has been previously sealed with iN Protector. Wait at least 2 years before recoating.
New concrete pavers and slabs: Efflorescence (whitish salt) may appear on such materials within 60 days following installation (time frame may be different in dry climates). Exposure to water triggers this phenomenon. Although this product can be applied immediately after pavers have been installed and cleaned, letting this process occur before treatment will ensure better results.

Proper surface cleaning and preparation is essential.

1) Remove all stains (oil, rust, etc.) from the surface using the appropriate TECHNISEAL stain removers. Do notIf necessary, remove any stains (oil, rust, etc.) from the surface using the appropriate TE CHNISEAL stain remover.

Prepare the entire surface by removing all efflorescence and ground-in dirt. This ensures a uniform look and allows the PROTECTOR to better penetrate the surface. Surfaces with efflorescence: Use PAVER PRIMER or EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER from TECHNISEAL. Surfaces without efflorescence: This step is essential to obtain optimal results. Prime the entire surface by removing all efflorescence and ground-in dirt. This allows the PROTE CTOR to better penetrate the surface. Use TECHNISEAL® PAVER PRIMER/EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER for pavers with efflorescence or pavers less than 5 years old. Use Techniseal ® HC HARDSCAPE CLEANER for surfaces without efflorescence or pavers more than 5 years old. Proper rinsing is essential.

Surface must be clean, dry (24 hours without precipitation) and warm to the touch (morning). Temperature must be between 50°F and 85°F and rain should not be forecasted over the next 24 hours. For optimal results, apply product under constant weather conditions and using the same application method from start to finish.
1) Work in sections no larger than 100 sq. ft.;
2) Using a FOAM ROLLER (0.75 in. thick) or an airless sprayer, apply the first coat of iN PROTECTOR;
3) To prevent residue staining, remove (back roll) from the surface any PROTECTOR that has not penetrated the surface within 1 or 2 minutes;
4) Apply the second coat before the first one has dried (wet on wet);
5) If surface is extremely porous, a third coat may be necessary.

Tip: To work on freshly sealed surfaces, wear steel spiked footwear (old golf shoes).

Let dry for 24 hours before allowing traffic on the surface.

Cleaning of tools: Wash with water and soap.

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Natural Look - iN - 5 Gallon
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