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Hardscape Cleaner - 1 Gallon

Hardscape Cleaner - 1 Gallon
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One gallon cleans approximately 800 square feet.


Formulated to remove ground-in dirt from the surface of most hardscape materials such as pavers, slabs and walls made of concrete, natural stone, poured or stamped concrete, etc. Non-corrosive, HARDSCAPE CLEANER works without damaging or discoloring the material. It brightens up the color, cleans evenly and enables PROTECTORS to better penetrate the material. It is recommended for bare and previously sealed surfaces. Not intended for use on marble, polished or glazed stones.


• Dislodges ground-in dirt and brightens up paver colors

• Prepares pavers prior to protector application

• For concrete pavers and slabs, natural stone, clay pavers, slate, etc.

• Ideal for routine maintenance

• For older and previously sealed pavers

• Easy to rinse


To ensure the results will meet your expectations, always test the product on a small hidden area of approximately 4 sq. ft.


Do not apply under blazing sun.
Do not apply with a mop or a broom.
Never let HC HARDSCAPE CLEANER dry on the surface; keep it wet until it is completely rinsed off.
Do not apply the product at full strength; dilute with 9 or more parts water.
New concrete pavers and slabs: Efflorescence (whitish salt) may appear on such materials within 60 days following installation. Use EC EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER to remove efflorescence on these materials.
Protect people, property, vehicles, plants, wood, and all non-masonry and acid-sensitive surfaces from product.
Protect and/or divert all traffic. Do not alter product. Do not mix or dilute product with any other chemicals.
It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow all approved safety procedures and to comply with all applicable federal, provincial, and local laws, regulations and ordinances.
Never use this product without first consulting with local authorities regarding the application of chemical products, waste management and run-offs.

Wetting: To reduce the penetration of HC HARDSCAPE CLEANER down sand joints and thus make product easier to rinse, first wet the surface to saturate joints with water; then let the surface dry, and apply product.

Dilution: Into a plastic watering can or using a professional spraying system (tank, pump and piping), dilute 1 part product in 9 or more parts water.

1) Work one section (200 sq. ft.) at a time.
2) Spray the diluted product solution, making sure to cover the whole surface of the section without leaving any dry spots.
3) Gently scrub using a long-handled brush.
4) Rinse immediately and thoroughly until all traces of foam disappear.
5) Repeat cleaning on the next section, overlapping the edges of previously cleaned section. Once the entire surface is clean, rinse thoroughly and let dry. Repeat if necessary.

STORAGE and SHELF LIFE: Product must be kept in its original, unopened and tightly sealed container and stored in a dry and well ventilated place with controlled temperature (40°F to 75°F). Keep sheltered from weather and direct sunlight. In proper storage conditions, the products shelf life is at least 2 years following production (see date on packaging).

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